EXOcase™ Details

The EXOcase™ is a British product designed, patented and manufactured by Protechnic in our facility near Bristol. The EXOcase™ combines the convenience of a fabricated case with the durability of a moulded transit case. The EXOcases™ unique Exo-skeletal design ensures maximum protection of high value instrumentation and sensitive equipment during storage and transportation.


The EXOcase™ was inspired by nature's beetle tank, the stag beetle. The initial concept of utilising an outer skeleton for toughness at the point of impact was first conceived by Protechnic in 2009. Since then the product has been through many design reviews, field trials and has undergone extensive military testing. The beauty of the EXOcase is that it is both tough and fully customisable to meet your needs. Custom sizes, varying interior designs ranging from foam inserts to custom fittings, various coloured panels and branding configurations can be chosen.

EXOcase™ Features

We can offer a range of panel materials including light-weight polypropylene honeycomb where weight is an issue. For heavier duty applications we would use a phenol faced marine grade case panel. Aside from the unique design, the EXOcase™ has other outlining features:





We manufactured 2 unique MultiPad EXOcases™ to hold 15 Chromebooks and a charging station, we were very happy with the finished product as was the customer from the feedback they gave us;

"I have spent alot of time looking for cases like these on the internet and I can truthfully say that the EXOcase is the best thing I have seen on the market, not just in the UK but globally. They look great, they do the job and they do not cost the earth" - Miles Daffin, 2014